Monday, January 28, 2013

Slow Taper

Yay!  Awkward and unnecessary brush effects!

So, when they prescribe me prednisone, they tell me two things: my already round face will start resemble a moon and I must taper off the steroids slowly and carefully.  

Online shopping and steroids are sort of the same, right?  Both involve euphoria, mania, and ill-fitting clothing.  Totally the same. 

I'm slowly weaning myself off my beloved eBay in preparation for Frugal Fabruary, and my tapering plan consists of a three-step plan.  First, I frantically bid on every J. Crew item I could find while screaming, "I'm just not ready!  I can't get through February without a chambray button-down!  And patterns!  I need more patterns!"

Then, on January 21st, I decided enough was enough.  No more bidding on clothing.  Only cheap scarves and necklaces from China.  A lady isn't presentable without a striped infinity scarf.

As of today, I'm not to bid on any more items.  I can ride out the wave of my remaining auctions, but that's it.  This is the end.  For real real, not for play play.

Was that actually three steps or was it just a hot mess of thoughts?


  1. It's official that I freakin LOVE your blog! So adorable...and so you!!! And I got my money that you can't pull this whole Feb thing off. :) I think you'll cave and buy something. LOL!

    1. I'm going to try my best! I have a handful of expensive purchases coming up, so there might not be any money left even with a successful Frugal Fabruary. Bridesmaids' dresses, retainers, and oil changes are going to bleed me dry.