Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 2: Target Temptations

Guys, I almost messed up.  And by almost messed up, I mean I almost bought a $5.00 thong at Target this afternoon.

I should start by mentioning that Target is my in-person shopping kryptonite.  I can breeze through the Arden Fair Mall or the Roseville Galleria without spending a dollar, but I find Target's low-priced wardrobe staples and accessories irresistible.  My primary Target temptations are as follows:

Mossimo® Ankle Stretch Pant

I am obsessed with these pants and so are my co-workers.  I own them in three colors, two of which I should never wear because they completely clash with my skin tone, but that didn't prevent me from buying them.  In the past, I've purchased similar pants from J. Crew, The Limited, and The Gap, but these are by far the most flattering and the cheapest.

Womens Mossimo® Pearce Patent Flexible Sole Pumps

I actually hate buying shoes.  I have a tarsal coalition in both feet (and a double coalition in my left foot) so my feet are rarely comfortable.  These shoes are knock offs of a significantly more expensive shoe by Nine West, but I can attest that they're essentially identical.  Are they comfortable?  Not really.  But they look stellar with any ensemble.

Chunky Costume Jewelry

I'm all about costume accessories: cheap necklaces, fake hipster glasses, strands of imitation pearls bought from foreign eBay stores.  The only "real" accessories I own are my wedding and engagement rings, and since I'm likely to lose one or both of them at some point in time, I have a plan in place to replace them with lab grown diamonds.  Anyway, I enjoy stalking the jewelry clearance section at Target and buying anything gaudy that doesn't exceed my $7 spending limit. 

Skinny Belts

Um, why are belts so expensive?  Seriously.  I think a fair price for a skinny belt is probably around the $8 to $9 mark.  Target's skinny belts tend to hover around the $12 price point, which doesn't thrill me, but it's better than the identical $39 belts at J. Crew.

Anyway, I got a little off topic.  I was talking about my Day 2 Frugal Fabruary struggles.  Yes, my friends, I almost caved on Day 2 of the endeavor because I'd convinced myself that a thong wasn't an item of clothing.  I don't know where I came up with that justification, but I had a nude thong in my cart for a minute and a half before I threw it at a clothing display in the children's section.

So if you see something that looks like this hanging on top of a cute little boy's polo shirt in Target on Broadway in Sacramento...

...know that was definitely my doing.  Forgive me.  


  1. You are hilarious. Please keep writing. -The Aim

    1. Aw, The Aim. I miss you so. You are grace to my awk.

      Where are you shopping these days? Remember when we were limited to the selection in the North Bend Mall? Good times.

  2. A thong really shouldn't count as an article of clothing, but I'm proud of your restraint nonetheless.


    1. I'm curious to know what your definition of clothing entails, dear husband. What about a hat? Would a hat count?