Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Immoderate March & Absurd April

Unexpected expense alert!

When I talked about my exemption expenses in the initial Frugral Fabruary post, I missed one.  A big one.

Before moving to the Sacramento area in mid-2011, my husband and I lived in Oregon for seven years.  Four of those years were spent in a beautiful and remote town called Ashland, which sits just over the California/Oregon border.  These days, we spend every Easter in Ashland with family and friends. 

Did I mention there's a Shakespeare Festival in Ashland?  There's a Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.  Did I mention that hotel prices skyrocket during play season, which stretches from February to October?  Yep, that's a thing.  Not only did we book a 4-night stay in the dreamy Palm Motel (which is just steps away from the world's tastiest brunch), but we also bought tickets for King Lear at $59 a pop.  Not so frugal, but necessary.  There were only a handful of seats and hotel rooms left. 

Hey, you!  Stop judging me!

Living in Oregon may have played a key role in nurturing my online shopping addiction.  When I lived in Ashland, the nearest Anthropologie was a solid 300 miles away and I only had about $150 of expendable monthly income, so I had to make due with my eBay and thrift store finds. My Southern Oregon style looked something like this:

Loose, relaxed, fairly unstructured, and somewhat poorly-fitted, but perfect fit for the slow, dreamy Southern Oregon lifestyle.  I would've looked ridiculous in a pencil skirt and a tailored blazer in Ashland.

Ruh roh.  My entire wardrobe consists of pencil skirts and blazers.  What if I don't have anything to wear on my mini-vaycay?  

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  1. You're hilarious. And my portion of Frugal February consists of being online a WHOLE lot less so I may avoid temptation. I allowed myself 15 minutes tonight and you were my first feature. Thanks and goodbye:)