Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mid-Month Check In

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know we're over halfway through the month.

Finding time to blog is hard, y'all!  Between 50 hour work weeks and midterms, I haven't been able to find a spare moment to post.

I can't believe I'm already halfway through Frugal Fabruary!  I'm happy to report that it's going fairly well.  

I haven't purchased a single item of clothing, though there have been a number of close calls.  I've refrained from buying housewares, too, though I've developed a strange obsession with plants. I've acquired four new flora friends over the past week.  They have names, too: Prudence, Protege, Polka, and Pink Lady.  

Mr. Bert told me that I need to add plants to my Frugal Fabruary banned items list and I obliged.  I may have been substituting plants for clothing, but can you blame me?

Now that I've hit Day 19 of Frugal Fabruary, I'm in a bit of an outfit rut.  I feel sloppy as hell.  Nothing helps you realize how much you hate your wardrobe quite like the inability to buy new clothes.  I shouldn't complain.  My closet is a little too well-stocked...

Sure, I share a closet with my husband, but I also have a coat closet just for my dresses, blazers, and jackets.  Why?  I don't wear half of this stuff!  

It doesn't help that I've gained five pounds over the past three months.  I'm avoiding my pants drawer at all costs.  I always fall squarely between a size two and a size four, and I'm definitely leaning toward the four these days.  This isn't two say that the fours actually fit.  Of course not.  They are still baggy around the waistline and awkwardly 

Slowly but surely, I'm adding pieces to my donation pile.  Once March hits, I'll have to take a trip to Freestyle Clothing Exchange and have a consignment shopping spree.  I'm in dire need of well-fitting clothing.  I suppose I could just go on some sort of crash diet, but an updated wardrobe seems like a much more appealing option.

Or I could just lose the extra five pounds and buy a new set of pencil skirts and blazers in poppy colors.   A win-win.

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