Sunday, February 2, 2014

Frugal February Pregaming

Knowing that my second annual Frugal February was on the horizon, I definitely spent a good part of January pregaming, both in the online and in-person realms.

My eBay history for the period between January 1st and January 31st is a bit shameful.  While I picked up some quality items, I may have gone slightly overboard.

Let's review, shall we?

Sidney Jacket from J. Crew
Retails for $248
Purchased for $80 (new with tags)

With this purchase, I fell victim to my own strategy.  I've been eyeing this jacket for months, but knew there was no way in hell I could justify spending $248 on a blazer.  And so, I set up a eBay saved search, set the price parameters, and waited patiently.  When it popped up in my subscription feed for $85, I submitted the lowest offer possible and snagged it.  Fits like a dream, too.

Plaza Coat in Wool-Cashmere from J. Crew
Retails for $325
Purchased for $122 (pre-owned)

In Fall, I decided that I had way too many winter coats and cut my collection from from 5 to 2.  However, back in October,  in my haste to secure a classic and versatile camel coat, I accidentally purchased a Lady Day Coat in a lovely but bold rust tone.  It's amazing how a tiny color shift can make a huge difference, but the coat I purchased was a bit too bold and autumnal.  I'll be reselling it on eBay once I have its replacement, which is due to arrive this week.

Blythe Blouse from J. Crew
Retails for $110
Purchased for $12 (pre-owned)

Despite last month's big-ticket purchases, I still let my budget-conscious conscience prevent me from going too crazy.  I very rarely spend more than $20 on an item, and the rest of my purchases for the month were no exception.  And hey, I really needed a black blouse!  It was a steal!

Linen Tippi Sweater from J. Crew
Retails for $72
Purchased for $10 (pre-owned)

Up to this point, every purchase has made at least a little sense.  Here's where it starts getting weird.  Sure, I love J. Crew's Tippi Sweater, but I, as a general rule, don't wear pink.  Out of all the items in my wardrobe, maybe 2 to 3 are pink, and all are the result of strange, impulse-driven eBay shopping. So...why?

Tressa Watercolor Shampoo in Hazelnut
Retails for $15.50
Purchased for $13 (new, never opened)

And this is the point where I lost my mind.  I thought that since I now spent an entire ten bucks on a pink sweater, I needed to dye my hair a non-clashing color.  And so I stripped out the dark red, dyed ash brown over it, and have spent the last month fighting a losing battle with my hair.  This shampoo was supposed to prevent brassiness, so of course I had to have it.  (It doesn't, by the way.) 

Other purchases include a vintage leather tote, a skirt that is neither in my size nor my preferred style, a pair of toe alignment socks, and teeny-tiny stud earrings in the shape of bees.

In short, I am in dire need of a monthlong retail detox.  Seriously, after January's aimless shopping spree, what more could I possibly need?

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