Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And we're back.

It's been over two years since I've updated, and what a two years it's been! Here are the CliffNotes of what you've missed...

1. Pregnancy
The road to expanding our family had a few bumps, so we were thrilled (and, let's be honest, terrified) when I discovered we were expecting right before the Thanksgiving holiday.

37 weeks and feeling fabulous.

Despite being warned that I'd be fat and perpetually sick, my pregnancy was legit amazing. If I could, I'd be pregnant all the time. I looked great, I felt great. Labor sucked, but I've been told that's a thing. Pro-tip: Don't eat a vending machine Hot Pocket immediately before being induced.

2. The Layoff
After months of rumors, the axe finally fell.  In early March, my team and I received news that we'd be out of our jobs within a month and a half. And so began the period of...

3. Job Searches, Offers, and Decisions 
Talk about awkward. Five months pregnant and out of a job, I made it my mission to apply to any and all jobs in a 50-mile radius that appeared to even be a minor skills match. The experience was not what I expected. Within a month, I had three job offers and a couple of additional interviews scheduled.

Sometimes I disclosed the pregnancy, sometimes I didn't. I learned to trust my instincts and believe in my own value as an employee and an ambassador. In the end, I accepted a dream of a marketing and communications position with University of the Pacific. And if that didn't make me feel lucky enough, they also hired some of my favorite co-workers from my previous job.  Go Tigers!

I get to work here. Seriously. How gorgeous is the Pacific campus?

Though everything worked out for me in the end, the experience of searching for work while pregnant really encouraged me to reflect on feminism, privilege, and mentorship. More on that to come.

4. Baby Teddy
Number four on the list but number one in our hearts, our Theodore (also known as Teddy) joined our awkward little family last July.

Two-month-old Teddy, ready for his first day at Baby School. 

I'll post a formal introduction (and probably loads of media documenting his every breath) later, but here's an obligatory adorable photo. He's as sweet and good-natured as he looks. He's as happy as a clam and loves everyone he meets. I feel so fortunate to be this little guy's mom.

5. Bertridge
And then, as if we hadn't already had an insanely eventful year, we decided to buy a house as 2015 was drawing to a close. We ended up finding a small, somewhat bedraggled postwar minimalist house on a lovely, tree-lined street and fell hard and fast for it, even though it didn't have some of the things on our wish list.

After what seemed like an extended wait, several major repairs (roof and floors, and a whole-house paint job (thanks, Dad!) we settled into our new home, which we dubbed "Bertridge" - a nod to our family nickname and the wealth of pavers and stones in the backyard.

I kind of dropped the ball on taking before and after photos. In fact, I've yet to take a photo of the exterior.  The one above was included in the sale listing several months back.  I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but...more to come.

So...yeah.  That's the gist of it. I decided to start using this old junker of a blog again because my writing skills are getting a bit rusty and I need a repository for all my home improvement project stories and furniture reviews. (I'm not happy with West Elm, at the moment.  I'll explain why later.)

In short - hello again!  I'm now a power mom and a homeowner, but still as awkward as ever.  I have lots of opinions and I want to discuss them with you.

P.S. I'm due to become an aunt any day now and I couldn't be more excited about it.